Teammates with Stefan Borge

  • Best Trainer – Has to be our very own captain fantastic Mr. James Alvarez himself. Always the first to arrive and the last to leave a bit like David Beckham in his prime. His dedication to Boca is for all to see and he has even become a personal trainer just to make sure he knows the ins and outs of leading a football team to its physical peak in fitness and in health till death do us part. Honorable mentions to last year’s joint top scorer Michael Podesta and vice captain Karl Sene whose dedication to Boca is also up there with Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Costacurta.
  • Worst Trainer – Tough one to call with last season’s super striker Benitez now out of the team. I’ll probably have to give it to Neil Robba although in fairness he has come to the last few sessions, but last season he did regard running Champions Planet as more important than appearing to Boca training sessions and at this stage in our careers with a move into UEFA seemingly imminent it just isn’t good enough.
  • Biggest moaner – Tough one luckily we don’t have too many moaners in the side. On the pitch i’d have to give it to vice captain Karl Sene whose constantly berating the referee and has picked up bookings for dissent in the past, although Trevor Garcia has been known to throw up a couple of moans when a matchday is on a Saturday.
  • Most Skillful – Trevor does enjoy a few flicks and tricks here and there in training which sometimes makes you wonder wow this boy is something special, although overall i’ll have to give it to our left/right winger Karl Balestrino who often terrorizes opposition defenses with a mix of nutmegs and cruyff turns as taught to you in Bobby Robson’s School Of Soccer
  • The Joker – It’s tough to pin point one joker in a team full of joke guys, however I am looking forward to the impact of new signing Fortu on our dressing room as he is known to pull out a couple of whoopee cushions here and there when you least expect it. Our Player of the Year Adrian Lopez is always up for a laugh too and he’s been known to bring out an array of jokes when under the influence.
  • Hardman – Probably gonna have to give it to Adrian who did win the Joey Barton Award last season, his grit and never say die attitude when going for the ball in the middle of the park is vital to our success and he’s never one to back down from a challenge.
  • Biggest count sacker – Again more difficult now Benitez has officially handed his shirt over despite claims that his No.18 was to be retired and his name would forever go down in Boca folklore. Hmmmm i’m finding it hard to come up with one particular person although Biil’s RyderCup-itis has been mentioned a few times in the past couple of weeks. Nali missing training for a month for supposedly going to South America also has to go down as one of the biggest counts since Maradona missed 4 matches for Boca in the 80s after coming down with a rare case of the Colombian flu.
  • Fastest – Admittedly over 3 yards there’s no one quicker than Biil 15 whose burst of pace was for all to see with the 6 goals he scored last season in probably not much more than 400 minutes game time, a strike rate only really comparable with the Leo Messi’s, Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Steven Fletcher’s of this world. However, probably over a longer distance i’d have to give it to either Adrian, Trevor or Karl B who are all pretty fast over 20 meters.
  • Most Intelligent – Well we do have a pretty intelligent team to be fair with most of us going to uni and coming away with degrees and a great deal of lawyers, accountants, TEACHERS and all sorts of young professionals in the squad. However, gonna have to give it to Fortu himself porque a esho un masterssssssssss!!!
  • Least Intelligent– Tough one there’s no stand out least intelligent person but once again I’ll give it to Fortu for an array of controversial comments that have me open mouthed at times, such as his claim that Guti is better than Xavi and that La Liga is better than the Premier League!(Stefan Borge here, the man with a masters in English still struggling to get to grips with the term Intelligence!)
  • Worst Dress Sense  –

    As you can see from those 2 pics it is undoubtedly Stuart Crawford and Trevor who have pulled out some crazy outfits in the past. (Or lack of >>) As for the most stylish I’ll have to go for Biil for his extravagant Ian Poulter-like dress sense at times and of course myself for pulling out plenty of bathing costume/sunglasses combination throughout the year to keep the whole side’s joyous summery attitude going even at the coldest of times.
  • Worst Taste in Music – I think the techno scene within the team is clear for all to see and i’m not particularly sure of what anyone else listens to, although it’s a well known fact that Fortu is a big fan of One Direction and I’ve definitely heard some of their recent tunes banging out of his Ipod in the last few training sessions.
  • Most Davey  – Plenty of contenders for this award that’s for sure, impossible to mention everyone who in their own right has all sorts of davey stories worth noting, but overall a year of watching Adrian do all sorts of spectacles in the mint brought enough memories for a lifetime, so I can’t begin to imagine all the shit that must have gone down in his 3 years there! Nowadays he is a calmer individual however and so i’ll pick the true winner as Trevor in this moment in time as his Gold Medal performance in summer will be hard to be repeated. His dedication to the mint and casa loco in my year there was exemplary coming down on numerous weekends straight after teaching kids on a Friday and then leaving in the absolute shoot of his life on a Sunday afternoon to only have to wake up at 6am on the Monday to teach kids once again, something I thought only superheroes could do. Some great stories such a seeing trains pass by at 150mph in the mint were only some of his best moments in his time there. Honourable mentions to Nali for having his own davey moment named after him with the infamous ‘Nali Special’ and Fortu for coming up with some cracking quotes in his time at Leeds such as ‘Pidelo’, ‘Veo todo en HD’ & the unforgettable ‘mira ke shicaaaaaaaaa’.
  • And…Who’s the longest in the shower… Hmmmm well despite the vicious rumors circulating recently our lack of team showers after games makes this an impossible question! Yes that’s right i’m sitting on the proverbial fence here!(We all know the rumors he refers too! The lad loves West so much hes even built like a horse!)

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