Time-out for TrevA

Before we even discuss the last match a certain issue needs to be addressed. M’encanta Demasiao was at it again, this time playing his Carlos Tevez card, another player known for being a cunt! After a goal off the bench in the previous match and the squad struggling to fill the bench positions due to injuries and absentees this was Garcia’s chance to shine. Shamefully however, he had other ideas. According to the man himself, with a big night planned after, the match would finish too late to be ready in time. Boca were shunned aside and Garcia decided that papping the way was more important. By kick off Boca were left with only 11 players, a completely empty bench. 30 minutes in and they were down to 10 as Cumbo hobbled off injured. (Something which seems to happen all to often when he starts). At this point a call was made to Garcia to explain the situation. Was he bothered? Why of course not, he was adamant we were lying about them only having 10 players, it was clear he did not care. Boca fans and players alike were disgusted with his attitude and blatant lack of commitment. I hope it is a long time before he is allowed a starting place again. He should be made to work for his position with added training and a nice comfy seat on the bench. We recommend forcing him to train with his shoelaces tied together. After already drawing comparisons to Balotelli and now to Tevez, TrevA seems determined to be known as Boca’s very own dickhead. Well congratulations good sir, your doing it! It will be interesting to see the crowd reaction when he is next given the chance to grace the pitch again (though we hope not too soon), and I personally would like to urge the crowd to boo him whenever possible.

The match itself was a mixed story. Boca easily played some of the best football of the season but still ended on the loosing side. Despite controlling most of the first half once down to 10 men they were split open down the middle and conceded the opener. With his team trailing and down a man, it all became too much for Sene to take. Despite being 1 larg in and carrying an injury he rushed home to grab his kit and make it back for the second half. It wasn’t long before he was involved. Seemingly playing in a free role he was drifting all over the pitch and received the ball on the left hand side of the box. He easily skinned the defender who clipped him on the way past. He tried to stay on his feet and pass the ball in, but when his shot went wide thankfully the referee awarded the penalty seemingly feeling no advantage was made. For the 2nd match in a row Nali made his customary 80 yard sprint to again offer himself for the penalty  This time however it was left to Kuka who skied it high and wide aiming for the top right corner. Maybe next time Nali should be given the honors? He’s clearly keen.

Things then went from bad to worse as Boca conceded yet another goal from a set piece. It was a stunning finish by the Hound Dogs player. A back heel on the volley into the net. Once again though he was completely free as the marking was non existent. With 5-a-side being the only sort of football training currently in place at Boca this was another example of why change is needed. Set pieces clearly need to be worked on. Sene was not about to give up on the match easily however. Fueled by his pre-match pint he struck a screamer from around 30 yards out onto the crossbar. He then made another penetrating run down the right, and cut the ball back for Bosh cutting in from the left to fire a right footed shot into the goal and make it 2-1.

Boca tried to press for an equalizer, even sending Ely up for a corner from goal, a welcome change in that position. It was not to be however and Boca are still looking for the first win. Sene despite only playing half the match easily won the Whatsits Man of the Match award putting in the the best display I’ve seen from him in a Boca shirt, calling some to question how bad the injury was in the first place? We refuse to criticize anyone who shows the level of commitment for the cause however when others so clearly didn’t. Your free packet of Whatsists are waiting! Colin Grech also deserves a mention after putting in another extremely solid display at center back. Despite the score Boca played from pleasing stuff at times and most of the signs were very positive. A win however is needed very very soon.


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