Cannons fire stinging shot.

It’s beginning to become somewhat typical for me to begin these blogs with bad news, today is no different. 5 matches in and Boca are still without a win. Cannons, known as the whipping boys of the division picked up a point in a 1-1 draw. As the match kicked off I noticed several strange managerial decisions I struggled to get my head around. Joe Borge was making his first start in goal allowing  Ely to return to his usual centre back spot. Next to him stood Stuart Crawford, while Colin Grech was out on the right wing. This is the Colin Grech who received compliments such as “It was the best performance I’ve seen someone play in a Boca shirt” for a performance he played at CB. He also followed that up with a second very assured performance in this position on Friday, why was he playing as a right winger? Crawford had started the last two matches in a midfield position, and again seemed to be performing well, the team played some of the best football of the season while he was in the middle, helping to maintain possession.

Granted Boca did lose the last match on Friday, however I personally, and I doubt I’m alone in this, feel they had began to play some of the best football of the season. Had they not had to play a portion of the match with 10 men, and managed to convert the penalty they won, the score could have been very different. I struggle to see the logic in constantly changing around the players positions, especially just when it seemed to be working. Personally I feel starting with Colin and Ely at CB, with Crawford and Robin CM would have been a wiser move. This would of allowed Adrian to play a more creative role in a trio just behind the striker Makepeace, consisting of him, Seb and Kow. (see what I’ve done here). I guess its all a game of opinions however, proven by Sene’s completely deluded view that Marcelo deserves his place in the FIFA team of the year, and that he’s the best left back in the world. He’s not even top 3 son!

Anyway, lets get back on track. I’m not going to go into great detail on the match, I’l spare everyone the pain. The performance was poor, they don’t need to be told that. I will like to point however to yet ANOTHER goal being conceded from a set piece. On Friday I suggested this was becoming too common, point proven? The 5-a-side training has to stop and some basic football training that can be passed onto a bigger, 11-a-side pitch is desperately needed, especially at set piece situations. Working on free kicks of our own wouldn’t go a miss either as some of them have been particularly shocking. One positive was the return of Makepeace, who grabbed the equalizer and impressed at times. The next games on Sunday folks so let’s hope for a better performance, and result, or soon the white handkerchiefs will be waving.

On a side note, Messi succeeded in winning his forth Ballon D’Or in a row this evening while Boca were treating us to that spectacle. I would therefore like to take this time to congratulate TrevA M’encanta Demasiao Garcia (who escaped rather lightly today with limited boo’s as the crowd were pleading desperately for a winner) on receiving his award, the BellenD’Or. Congrats son, you deserve it!


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