Better late than never!


It took 31 days, 6 games, and numerous blogs, but I can finally say it, we WON! Boca have their first win for the season (Despite someone at the GFA seemingly turning up drunk to their shift and trying to trick everyone into thinking Boca had beaten the Hound Dogs). With a 3-1 win over Pegasus the relief from both fans and players alike was palpable. Hugs were shared, a few tears were shed, the wait was finally over. Before kick off the signs were not great. Missing notable names included Alvarez, Colin, Joe Borg, and yes you guessed it, Mr BellenD’Or. Adrian Lopez did provide a last minute boost making it on time to be included in the squad. A squad this week of 13, yes, only 13. 😀

The 13 however were more than enough. The match started well with Boca seemingly in control. Kow and Makepeace both had decent efforts with the later drawing a save from the keeper and earning a corner.  Just before the break however it began to feel like the same old story. Some sloppy defending allowed Pegasus in who took the lead. At half time, I am willing to admit I had little hope of a comeback. The player’s heads seemed to have dropped and everyone feared the worst. The Gafa however had a plan. The hairdryer which had so often been used this season had been left at home. This time he used the half time break to try and renew some confidence in the team, make them believe in themselves again, and along with a half time appearance from Aaron Soleci, boy did it work. 😀

Boca came out second half and were immediately on the front foot pushing for an equaliser. The ball was played into the channel for Seb Suarez who was one on one, his shot however was straight at the keeper. The rebound landed straight at the strikers feet who later after the game admitted “After I had missed the first shot, there was no way I was about to miss the second”. He controlled again and smashed the ball top corner. The crowd erupted, they began to believe. 5 minutes later and they would erupt again. The ball again played into the channel for Suarez. His first touch left the flat footed defender for dead and Suarez neatly lifted the ball over the keeper. His favourite goal of the match according to the later interview in Champs. Boca were in the lead, for the first time all season, they had a lead to hold onto. 😀

Boca were not about to sit back however and continued to push forward. A couple of minute’s later history was made. Suarez controlled in the box, knocked the ball past the defender and passed the ball into the bottom right corner. He was cool as a cucumber with Stefan Bosh having a different view to Mr Suarez that this might of been his best of the 3. This ladies and gentleman was the first hatrick to ever be scored in Boca’s history, congratulations Mr Suarez! (Thank Baby Jesus only 1 Suarez turned up yesterday, unlucky Scousers 😀 ) By the end of the match there were smiles all round. The Boca crowd merrily chanting “He scores when he wants” while they nursed their Tim Henman’s and the Boca players for once could leave the field with heads held high, 3 points were in the bag. 😀

I would like to give a couple of honourable mentions. Firstly to Mr Robert Grech. After some stick from myself in previous blog, credit where credit is due. He had a very assured match making seemingly difficult catches look comfortable. He also made one very good save after a mistake from Crawford left with exposed with a one on one. With Pegasus leading at the time had this gone in at the start of the second half Boca may have struggled come back. Thankfully Grech was not about to let that happen, good game sir. The centre midfield was also very impressive keeping possession well and also managing to get stick in. Weevs was his usual industrious self and Kuka also had what I personally feel was his best performance for Boca. Makepeace was also dangerous again and unlucky not to get on the score sheet. On this evidence Mr BellenD’Or should struggle to make it back into the first team,  😀 OH HAPPY DAYS! 😀

Unbeaten in 2013! With a win under their belts times time to think positively. Continue to believe and let’s climb that table! I also hope I managed to make up for such a delay in bringing you today’s blog with an extremely excessive amount of :D. Its time to smileeeee peoples!




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