Better than Barcelona?

I get to say it again folks, Boca recorded another win! Thats 3 out of the last 3, 9 points out of 9! On current league form Boca are on a hot streak after a 1-0 win over Lions Pilots. Maximum points in the last 3 gives them better current form than Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea & the mighty Manchester United! With another seemingly winnable match tomorrow, expectations are high this form can continue.

It was a small match day squad as usual of only 13. Joe Borg began again in goal. Crawford fresh off his left wing role moved back to centre back to partner Ely. Colin was at right back, with Nali on the left. Bosh began the match right wing, with Kuka on the left. Cumbo coming off his first 90 mins last time out with a MOM performance lined up in the centre along the always industrious Weevs. Seb was joined upfront by the Bellend, given a route back into the starting lineup with the absence of Makepeace. The first thing of note in the match was not good news for Boca fans. About 10 minutes in and the engine room Weevs hobbled off injured. He was replaced by Kow who took a spot on the left, with Kuka moving more central. With his misses making a rare appearance in the stands to join the Boca faithful Weevs was off with a sprained ankle, and by half time was up in the stands to take a seat next to the wife. Coincidence? Not for me to say.

It was Boca who would strike first however. The Bellend pushed forward but was disposed as he entered the box. He continued to pressure the defender who nervously kicked out a poor clearance straight to the feet of El Bosh. The keeper had come off his line towards the ball and was left completely out of position by the shocking clearance. Bosh calmly tucked the ball into the bottom corner of the net to give Boca the goal lead. The attacks continued and just before half time Bellend collided with the keeper attempting to reach a ball over the top. Both seemed to be hurt from the collision, and as much as it pleased me to see, a lack of options on the bench meant Boca could not afford to lose him. Completing the 90 minutes many felt he had a good game. Admittedly his effort could not be called info question with constant running. However with hold up ability of a 3 legged table and seeming lack of understanding of the offside rule that would make our mothers proud, I will be expecting more if he wishes to make amends for errors that brought his nickname about.

The second half began with Seb having a great chance to increase his lead at the top of Boca’s scoring table. He fired his one on one over the bar however. Lions nearly hit back with an equalizer beating Joe in goal, but Crawford with some good positional play was covering in behind to tidy up. Boca then made a second sub. Robert Grech replaced Nali. Bosh who had swapped wings with Kow for the second half moved from left wing to left back. Robert took his spot on the left flank, yes, goalkeeper Robert. He was involved in Boca’s next good attack. Seb had a shot saved by the keeper who parried towards Robert. He then passed the ball back into the danger area to Bellend. His shot on the turn sailed over the bar. A couple of minutes later Boca missed another great chance. A freekick on the right was poorly headed straight to Kow. It was his turn to sky a shot from 6 yards over the bar. There were more misses to follow. Boca hit Lions on the counter and Kow crossed in for Seb after running clear down the flank. Seb neatly turned the defender and rolled across to Robert. Story of the match repeated though as yet another Boca player shot over the bar.  Considering he’s a registered keeper however, Robert was heavily involved when he came on and had a good game.

As the chances came and went there was always a fear Lions might mount a comeback. Occasionally threatening on the counter they began to gain more of a foothold in the match late on. Cumbo was clearly missing Adrian’s energy in the middle and began to feel the pain of his second 90mins of the season. They began to throw plenty of bodies forward even at the expense of angering their own manager. At one point he could be heard screaming at his team not to be so gung ho, only for a player to respond with “To lose 1-0 we might as well lose 5-0 by trying to attack”. Discontent in the ranks. Boca defensively seemed fairly solid however and limited Lions to fairly few clear cut chances. Crawford especially having a good game covering for Bosh’s lack of positional sense at left back. It’s clearly not a position he enjoys but after Crawford making a case of his John O’Shea title last time out, Bosh was making a statement that he would not give up the award easily. Man of the Match however, this week sponsored by Penguin, was Joe Borg. Extremely composed in goal he made a numerous good saves to keep Boca in the lead.

The performance of the officials drew some criticism from the Boca crowd, however I cant help feel this was expected. Why I hear you ask, well blame Stefan Bosh. Bosh spent Thursday evening making his officiating debut by running the line in Hound Dogs encounter with Leo Parilla. With the score level at 3-3 and with 10 minutes remaining Leo took the lead, or so they thought. The celebrations were short lived as Bosh raised his flag to rule out the goal. Leo were furious! They were adamant the decision was incorrect with the striker convinced he was yards onside. With a draw seemingly a good result for Boca questions could be asked. Bosh has since been interviewed however and has no concerns about his integrity during the match. After been witness to some fairly shocking linesman this season he feels he did more than a decent job compared to others and 100% clear in his mind he acted in a fair and appropriate fashion.

Next up is Chelsea, tomorrow at 8pm. Lets hope the form continues to leave Europe’s elite trailing in Boca’s wake.
Forza Boca!


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