Dancing in the moonlight

It was 8pm on a Monday evening and Boca were warming up for their 3rd match in a week, and second in only 3 days! It would be a test of fitness rivaled only by all the blood, sweat and tears placed into hours of hardcore training by Lance Armstrong required to win the Tour de France on 7 occasions. Oh wait…. Anyways, the question remained whether the team would handle the physical toil of games in such quick succession. For a while it looked like they may not of had to. 8:20pm came and went with no referee in site. Then, just as the fans in the stands were limbering up to offer the Boca team a players v fans friendly, a referee was found, the match was on!

Joe Borg retained his place in goal, with a back four from left to right of Neil, Bear, Ely and Colin. The midfield again from left to right consisted of Crawford, Kuka, Cumbo and Bosh. Makepeace and Seb up top. As has so often been the case this season the start didn’t quite go to plan. Chelsea began well and looked comfortable in possession winning a free kick just outside the box. As the player was lining up the set piece Joe began to line up his wall, and what a futile waste of time that was to prove. As the shot came in many in the wall turned and cowered away from the ball. The ball deflected off one of the defenders and into the bottom corner. Boca had conceded the first goal, no major surprises there then. In future may I ask that those players who are going to stand in the wall check to ensure they have brought their testicles with them next time and not left them at home with mummy. Your job is to get hit with the ball, deal with it jack!

The Boca of old may have let heads drop at this point and began to expect the worse. This is a Boca team on a 3 match winning streak however. This is a Boca team on a better streak than Barcelona, that was not about to happen! Boca were straight on the attack with Peace having a shot cleared off the line. That was followed by a trademark great ball from Bosh across wings to the left. Crawford’s shot across the goal was saved by the keeper. Makepeace than had another shot from distance which ended wide of the post. Chelsea were then forced into a change via injury. The Chelsea player in question went in for a 50/50 challenge with Bear. Its safe to say you know who came out better off, there was only ever going to be one winner in that one.

Peace then nearly found himself through on goal but could not get to the ball before the keeper. Moments later he saw a header beat the keeper but get cleared off the line. He was getting closer! Out on the right wing he then produced a sublime bit of skill worth of appearing of Showboat to beat not one but two Chelsea defenders before he was hacked down. With continued pressure and beneath the full moon soon it was Boca’s turn to dance in the moonlight. (#tune). Peace closed down the keeper who kicked woefully towards Kuka. His header back was then flicked on by a defender into the path of Makepeace. I said he had been getting closer, this time he buried it. With only the keeper to beat he calmly passed the ball into the bottom corner.

The next thing of note in the match was a worrying one for the Boca fans. Colin went down holding his knee which is never a good sign. It looked a bad one and he was forced off with Kow as his replacement. Bosh dropped back into fullback for the second game in a row, this time at right back. Chelsea then won a corner which prompted the quote “why does Kuka always stand on the post, he’s the smallest guy there”. Who was this idiot I hear you ask, it was Bellend! Sat in the stands among the fans after failing a late fitness test along with Nali. I guess he would prefer one of the taller players to stand on the post, you know, the post that wont move anywhere and can’t score a goal. Therefore leaving Kuka, the little guy, to mark the opponents. Those people who are trying to head the ball into the net. Don’t ever try your hand at management Bellend.

There was time for one more chance before the break as the skipper missed a fairly easy header from a corner. It was level at half time, and with the referee keen to get home the turnaround was rapid. With little time for the players to rest, and only just about enough for a Chelsea player to squeeze in a half time baccy, the second half began. Chelsea won another dangerous free kick to start the half, but Joe saved well down low to his right. Boca then took control of the game. Makepeace who seemed to be involved in much of Boca’s good work on the night, came deep to collect the ball, turned a defender and played an exquisite ball from the centre into the right channel between the fullback and centreback. Kow controlled quickly and whipped in an equally great cross. With three defenders in the box Seb was outnumbered, but with a header reminiscent of Ronaldo’s against Roma back in his glory days for United, Seb powered home the header. 2-1!

Chelsea had the next attack but the shot was fired over the bar, a bit of a let off for Boca. Bosh then gave away a free kick which further proves the lad really doesn’t like a tackle, and hates playing fullback. With this attacking instincts always making him want to bomb forward it was left to Ely to scream at him occasionally to hold his position. Chelsea with some further good play then had another shot wide. Boca nearly extended the lead but Kow shot over the bar after a neat touch by Seb. Robert then came on for Makepeace making his second appearance outfield joining Seb up front. They would take it in turns to drop deeper and lend support to the midfield who’s legs were beginning to stiffen. Cumbo began to take control of the match in the later stages and went on a couple of driving runs into the box, both times the shots were saved by the keeper. The final sub of the afternoon caused the crowd to burst into song, Bill was on for Seb!. It was not his first appearance of the night however. He had left the comforts of the bench during the first half to throw some Lucozade onto the pitch to allow Bear to get some sugar. Or should I say ‘attempt a throw’. The bottle flew up into the air, up to the right, but not an inch forward. It came closer to taking out the Chelsea manager than anywhere near the direction he aimed for. The crowd certainly loved it though.

Boca would then hold on, a fourth win in four. The Man of the Match award went to Bear who just managed to pip a very unlucky Peace to the award in a narrow 5-4 vote. I have a feeling Bear’s known excitement prior to kick off at the thought of winning some Skittles may have influenced a few voters. He certainly looked happy at full time eating them. The next 3 matches are some tough ones, but with wins under the belt its a happy and confident camp. I have began to hear whispers however of numerous players showing a lack of commitment towards training, i.e, not turning up.  You guys know who you are, so get your asses training and lets keep the good form going, don’t make me name and shame!



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