Miss me?

Well then, its been a while since one of these was written, so I do apologize, I know how much you all enjoy them! In recent weeks since Boca went such a long period without a match, interest in the team seems to have subsided, most noticeably in the crowd turn outs which have been unacceptable of late. Where have you all been? Since my last post Boca have taken part in 3 matches, the first a 0-0 stalemate with Hound Dogs. As the scoreline suggests not much to report from this game so we’l move on quickly.

The second was a hard fought 1-1 draw with Sporting. In a very physical match Boca found themselves behind but snatched the equalizer with Cumbo’s first goal for the club. Not only was it his first, it was quite possibly the best goal scored in a Boca shirt, it certainly ended Sene’s goal of the season hopes. Unfortunately for Cumbo his reputation for enjoying a bitch more than the head cheerleader in an American teen moviemean girls, combined with his abilities have often led to him being singled out by the opposition. In this game in particular he managed to get himself sent off for two yellow cards by needlessly getting involved.

The third and most recent match was in the Rock Cup to St. Josephs. Widely accepted as the 2nd best team in Gib it was never going to be easy, and safe to say it didn’t turn out great for Boca. I have therefore decided to take the North Korean viewpoint on this match, if it didn’t go your way, just make it up!. That means that despite being considered huge underdogs and conceding the first two goals, Boca pulled off a miraculous comeback to edge the match 5-3! Two goals from new Korean signing Wi Wish along with a hatrick from Su Pa Lied To made it a day for all Boca fans to remember.download  In actual events, the one and only BellenD’Or not only managed to bother show up and start at St.Josephs, he also managed to grab a goal. Congratulations, shame it took you most of the season :). Personally I prefer the North Korean way things went.

This just leads me to make one further apology. Due to work restrictions I was unable to attend the Rock Cup match at the weekend for the first time this season. This meant I was forced to leave Twitter updates for our loyal overseas fans in the hands of my trusted understudies. Well, I say trusted, I mean ex-trusted, it didn’t go well! Just after Boca manged to score tweeters we treated to a tweet which read “A rival to Cumbos goal last week, Boca faithful treated to some crackers recently! BELIVE!!!!!!” Shocking spelling I know, but things only got worse!. Soon enough came a tweet which read “Possession only leads to a chance, goal goes with ease! Saints look comfortable again” . Now firstly, what is the point of possession if not to create a chance? Anyone care to enlighten me? Secondly, what on earth was the tweet even meant to mean? Goal goes with ease? Pardon? It made less sense than a handwritten birthday invitation from Mohamed Ali! Apparently what was trying to be explained was a goal by St.Josephs after a sustained bit of pressure. My understudy however blamed the fact he was having a pint and a baccy at the same time for his inadequacy, selfish bastard, think of the poor fans! I will refrain from naming this shameful individual, although many will know who he is, he strives to do better. VK

That will be all for now, I expect a better crowd for Boca’s remaining fixtures!
Forza Boca!


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