Done & Dusted

After a long hard season, Boca have now played the last two matches of the campaign. The penultimate match of the season was a weekend fixture versus Pegasus. Boca began the match with a slight change in formation from the usual 442, lining up with a 4231. With Joe in goal, a back four of Neil, Bear, Ely and Poggio were protected by the two sitting midfielders of Gilbert and Weevs. This allowed the three in front to have more attacking freedom, Mo from the left, Sene from the right, and Cumbo in the hole. BellenD’Or started up front. Boca began the game well with Cumbo regularly finding himself in plenty of space, he soon had a shot saved by the keeper. He followed this by cracking the ball against the crossbar from a good 30 yards. Despite controlling all of the ball and hardly allowing Pegasus out of their half it wasn’t until after the 40th minute Boca made the breakthrough. Cumbo had the ball at his feet in the box and from the stands seemed to attempt a Gareth Bale, winning Boca the penalty. He stepped up and after seeing the penalty saved was calm enough to slot home the rebound.

Just like a bus, Boca soon had a second before half time. If Boca had not been in enough control Pegasus offered a helping hand with an own goal. The defender running back to his goal smashed the ball into his own net as if he had momentarily become rather confused about what goal he was shooting at. Sene, after having the final touch from a Boca player, is attempting to claim the goal, stating the ball was heading in if it were not for the defenders touch. Views from the stand differed on this point, however all agreed that it was undoubtedly, 110% and OWN GOAL. I will like to urge all not to pay any attention to Mr Sene with his attempts to claim this goal. The second half fizzled out with little action to report. Boca comfortable throughout with the new formation seeming to make a positive impact. Man of the match for this game was unanimously given to Gilbert who had a great game controlling the middle.

The final game of the season got underway against Phoenix with myself sat in the stands as the lone ultra, a disgraceful turn out for the final game of the season. (Although this did increase as the match progressed) Boca’s start could not have been more different from the Pegasus match as they found themselves 2-0 down within 10 minutes. With the 442 formation back in place, and Phoenix a side fighting for promotion Boca hardly had a kick all half. In truth after a disastrous start Boca grew into the game slightly but were still lucky to get to the break only two down. The major talking point in the second half came when Cumbo once again got himself sent off. After an apparent stamp Cumbo reacted by raising his elbow, seeing a straight red. Possibly making people begin to doubt there Boca award votes. With plenty of shocking finishing on display from both teams the other second half highlight came with Bosh joining Sene’s double legged cramp club. With no subs left and Bosh forced to solider on he at times looked more like a character out of the Walking Dead, much to Sene’s and the rest of the crowds amusement. Final day disappointment then for Boca who end on a defeat. The final man of the match for the season has been given to Ely based on his decent showing in the first half when many others seemed to have not turned up.

I would now like to take this time to address a viscous set of rumors brought to my attention. During one match which I was unable to attend due to work commitments with it being the final day of the season, one Xavier Vasquez saw this as an opportunity to cash in. He began to tell anyone who would listen that I was no longer committed to Boca, and credited me with a quote of “If half the team can’t be bothered, neither can i”. I would like to assure all at NO point did I utter these words, my commitment remains clear (as my appearance as the lone ultra for final day’s kick off shows). I have had similar rumors attempted throughout the season by a Mr. Kainth, desperate to hold onto his fan of the year title, but why Xavier? Unfortunately folks I don’t have the answer.

Its been a heck of a season, Forza Boca!!


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