A rabbit out of the hat

‘’Garcia races through the defence and is one on one with the keeper…………..ahhhhhhh ya beautyyyyyyyy’’ Would have been what the masses of people would have heard if Boca matches were televised with Andy Gray providing the commentary. A truly magical moment sent the fans and players into raptures and provided us with a fantastic start to the 2013/2014 season, a season that is vital not only to us but to the GFA as a whole.

The build up to Boca’s season has had an air of stepping into the unknown with our much loved ‘gaffer’ stepping down from his post due to personal reasons and our very own ‘Pep’ taking over the reins. Fans and players alike were left wondering what Pep could deliver but everyone gave him their full backing. Players left, and players signed, training levels increased as the summer months went past, all seemed in check and for everyone connected to Boca Juniors Gibraltar, the 2nd of October couldn’t come soon enough.

A beautiful sunny evening greeted us at Victoria Stadium, and even a kiddies match delaying the start to our game didn’t dampen anyone’s sprits. A new formation and some of our new players graced the hallowed turf of the Stadium and the game kicked off. Sols began like a man on a mission and flung himself about like the Tomas Gravesen of old, he was sliding about everywhere and was close to earning himself a shot at goal but the ball sailed away from him. A deep free kick was won and the ball found its way into the back of the net, the Boca faithful’s celebrations were premature though as the linesman had flagged for offside.

Our attacks were slowly becoming more and more threatening as the game went on, Seb had a shot from a tight angle which went wide and 6 minutes later, the fans were celebrating, a deep free kick was put into the mixer and Pegasus conceded a penalty. With the winner of the Boca penalty challenge (Bosh) not in the match-day squad, Nali understandably sprinted forward and offered to take it but Pep had made his mind up, his first big in play decision was to get Neil to take the peen. As he wiped the sweat off his brow, the ref’s whistle blew, up he stepped and clinically sent the keeper the wrong way and into the bottom left corner it went.  1-0 Boca!

The game continued in the same vein, we clearly looked the better team but the Pegasus threat wasn’t to be ignored. Seb picked up the game’s first yellow and 10 minutes later, disaster struck. A free kick was conceded on the edge of the box and a left footed strike found its way into the back of the net with Pippo easily beaten. Neil was forced off with an injury shortly after and the fans feared the worst. Sean Grech came on to replace him and make his Boca debut in the middle of the park. Boca alleviated a lot of our fears and began to dominate the rest of the half and started the 2nd half in the same vein of form. Rick on his debut was also impressing and managed to sneak an accurate shot at goal which was well saved by their keeper.

As the 2nd half continued, Bear almost had an embarrassing mare as he went to clear the ball, he could only slice it back towards our own goal, him, Pippo and the rest of the stadium looked helplessly on as the ball thankfully went harmlessly wide for a corner. ‘’Fack me I almost had a mare’’ were his exact words in Champs after the game. Cumbo came on in the 2nd half too to try and force the winner, and he was involved in a move which saw Mo shoot low which was again saved by their keeper. Sols was still putting himself about and staked his claim for MOTM. Sirr also came on and this was slowly followed by a terrible sight, Cumbo attempted a sliding tackle and stayed down with a dislocated shoulder (we wish him a speedy recovery, he said it may be an absence of 12 weeks). All our subs were made and with Rick suffering cramps, we were playing with 9 men for a bit but Rick manned up and came on to finish the game. Pippo then maintained his reputation as ‘the cat’ with a great reflex save and kept the scores level.

This all culminated in the moment of the match, Sirr timed his run to perfection, broke the offside trap, ran through the defence and in what can be seen as possibly the most audacious action ever since John O’Shea’s cheeky goal v Arsenal, (link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seejAiq6V7A) he chipped the oncoming keeper, it seemed like the slowest 5 seconds of our lives, the ball bounced 3 feet from goal and eventually into the net as the fans erupted and the players surrounded Sirr in an ecstatic celebration of a wondergoal. Sirr had won the game with a moment of pure magic!

There was debate over the Man of the Match award as some fans claimed Sols deserved it but it was eventually decided that Sirr with his magic won it. A winning start to our season and one that brings us a whole lot of hope, onwards and upwards!



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