The Sporting demolition job

After a last gasp win thanks to a magical piece of work, Boca were back in action against Sporting in what a lot of us thought would be a tougher test than our first game of the season. We were aiming to win again and have the best start to a season in Boca history, the team was missing Neil (hamstring) and Cumbo(shoulder) from the first week, B15L and Bosh had been called up into the squad for this game. The game kicked off and Sporting grabbed the initiative from the off and looked by far the better team in the opening 20 minutes. It seemed as if Boca needed something to wake them up and it took a surging break forward from Bear after defending a corner to do just that. The break resulted in a shot from Seb who fired over, but this indeed sprung Boca into action. Boca grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and with Bear playing the Yaya Toure role in midfield, we always looked likely to score. We won 2 corners in quick succession and the odd free kick from the whistle happy ref, Bear didn’t seem to have his shooting boots on as his shots were hitting anything but the target.

A break from Sirr, Rick and Seb resulted in a ‘what if’ moment as Sirr took one touch too many and got tackled before he could pass it off to someone in a better position. The tackles kept flying in from the opposition who tried their best to rile us up, Bear and Sirr (both on yellows) were on the receiving end of some boisterous challenges, the ball was even kicked at Bear’s head to which the fans reacted with a Fergie-esque ‘it could have killed him’ comment. That only managed to make the fans try and make more noise, and some idiot even brought a speaker into the ground to build an atmosphere. Not sure if it worked, I’ll let you know what the players made of it.

As the half drifted to a close, both teams were not shying away from a challenge and the whistle happy ref became card happy as the cards were dished out to both sets of players.  The 2nd half kicked off and it all carried on from where it left off, Boca looking the better team but neither side managed the breakthrough. That was until we conceded a corner and a goal bound header from the centre back was all but in although Nali had other ideas, he rose to clear off the line, a close call but it remained 0-0. Boca were showing their attacking intent with another break forward with 7 players in or around the penalty area, Sirr crossed the ball in from the left to Seb who had too much time to think about it and hit a tame shot at the keeper who saved for a corner.

The fouls kept coming and Rick was fouled 35 yards out on the side opposite the dugout. Bear (there must have been 3 of him, he was everywhere) took the free kick and crossed to an unmarked Seb on the far post who slotted home with a well hit volley, the goal we  deserved had finally come. Mo and Sirr then came on for Paul who had a solid debut and Karlos who always plays his heart out for the cause. Sporting chased an equaliser but our defence lead by Eliy the skipper, JJ, Sam and Nali stood firm. Bosh then made his first appearance of the season replacing our goalscorer for the remainder of the game.

The game clincher was another one for the highlight reel, Mo tracked the ball down and closed down well which forced a panicky clearance straight into the path of Bear who hit it from 40 yards out and turned to celebrate even before it had hit the net. Time went extra slowly as their keeper dived in vain, Boca led 2-0 and Bear got his well deserved goal which killed off any threat of a Sporting comeback. The final nail in the coffin was put there by Rick who latched onto a poor backpass and shot at the keeper who parried but Rick followed up on the loose ball to kill the game off completely. Rick’s Adebayor celebration made all the more special as he was the only one celebrating, everyone else was back in position. LIKE A BOSS!

There it is, the best ever start to a Boca season in our 3 years of existence, a solid performance that will no doubt silence our doubters. I even managed to spot some opposition teams who were clearly on a scouting mission to see us in action, they must have heard all the news reports about our upcoming year of domination. A very well done to the lads who have to realise that the hard work doesn’t stop here, we want to win this league and performances like this one are what everyone connected to Boca are looking for. MOTM goes to Bear, who else, who ran the show and eventually demolished Sporting.



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