Kunal Budhrani – Team-Mates


Best Trainer

Since this is called team mates I imagine I can’t nominate myself for any of these? This year it’s particularly difficult to answer – everyone has really stepped it up in terms of effort and work rate on the training ground. Notoriously lazy trainers like Bear (Robin Sheppard-Capurro) have been climbing mountains (Med Steps) in their spare time over summer. Everyone has improved fitness and continue to work hard to get fitter still. Eliy (James Alvarez) is always up there with the hardest of workers. But I think so far this year Best Trainer has to go down to 2 of the 3 amigos Sam Vatvani and Paul Monterro. Their fitness carries them a long way but they always have their heads down and train relentlessly, spurring everyone around them to train harder.

Worst Trainer

Other than Ati I’m not sure we have a worse trainer this year. seriously, the guy is never there.

Biggest Moaner

Is this a serious question? It’s like asking me what religion the pope is. I think it’s a given noh? Fine I’ll say it…Karlos Sene.

Most Skillful

Pure skill has to be Cumbo. On his day he is the Lord of the Dance with a ball at his feet. No one his getting near that ball.

The Joker

I’ve noticed this year that our captain Eliy is particularly partial to carrying out practical jokes on his team mates. I do not think he executes them well or is funny in any shape or form but 10 out of 10 for trying!




Sols (Oliver Quick) or Seb Suarez. Seb is the silent violent type. wait for the day that tightly wound volcano erupts!

Biggest Count [sacker]

I mean last year we referred to him as a dickhead and even bellend’or, but Trevor Garcia is also the biggest cunt in the team. What? Oh that says count? Oh right. That’s easy – biggest count I would say is Bear. he’s not pulled many counts this year but I do reckon he comes up with the most colourful stories.

Fastest Runner

Montero, Trevor and Sam close seconds.

Most Intelligent

Bear. Keep an eye out for Sean though. he’s up there.

Least Intelligent

Trevor. both on and off the pitch. it probably comes across like I don’t like the guy – that’s not true he’s a great guy but it scares me to think he has a hand in moulding the minds of our future. a couple of weeks ago he tried to justify not passing the ball to anyone at training because “it’s just 5 a side”…good god.

Worst Dress Sense

Sols when he’s wearing that ugly as shit Liverpool away kit!



Worst Taste in Music

Trevor! He only plays one song over and over about a shosh repeating the same 5 words about how much she loves horse tranquilisers. The bass is off. it has been levelled. it’s fucking balls. Techno vicking cabron este!



Most Davey

Sols and I love him for it.

And…Who’s the longest in the shower

Borge’s ron!


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