Snap back to reality!

Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity, Oh, there goes Rabbit….Sorry I digress already, unfortunately for you, that’s probably as interesting as this blogs going to get. With two time fan of the year Mr Kainth considered too kind to continue with his blog exploits this week you’ve been left with me. I’ve been thinking long and hard on what to say about a 1-1 draw with Cannons. How could a blog about a third failed attempt to beat them be made amusing? Interesting even? Then it came to me, being the genius I am, I finally cracked it. So here it is, hope you enjoy…

Not fucking good enough lads, sort it the fuck out! Fullstop.

I know what your thinking, I’m a natural born poet, born to do this you might say. With that being said Boca do still sit a pretty 2nd in the table, still unbeaten I may add! So all things considering it could be worse, a lot worse.



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