Berllaque upbeat despite draw.

In one of the gaffer’s toughest tests in his career so far, we caught up with him over a cup of Café con leche and bar of Kit Kat Chunky. Heres what our very own Pep had to say:

”A disappointing draw after 2 magnificent wins, still 7 points from 3 games is a good enough start! Did you imagine you’d be undefeated after your first 3 games in charge?”

”If I’m completely honest, no. And not because I don’t think we have a good enough team but because of a few other factors. For example, the many new faces in the team, the fact that we’re playing a new formation and system, players adapting to new roles, me being the new coach. So 7 points from 9 is pretty good. I really hope things can only go from strength to strength. I think this season’s squad is better than last season so I’ve been lucky in that aspect, now we just have to show that on the pitch, which I’m sure we will.”

”Any injuries sustained and any news on Cumbo’s unfortunate injury?”

”Unfortunately we lost Jeremy in the last game. We’re still not sure how long he will be out for but it is a massive blow for us. Really felt he was doing well in the games he played for us. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I can call him up to the squad again. With Cumbo, we might not see him again this season unfortunately, which is another big setback for us. At this time, all I can say is that I hope he recovers well and that it won’t be too long until we see him playing again with Boca.”

”Where did you feel the lads have to improve?”

”There are a couple of things I feel we, as a team, need to improve. More importantly, our first half performances. We’re usually slow starters and it almost cost us against Cannons, they had a few chances to go 2-0 up, which would’ve made it even more difficult, if not impossible to get back into the match. Even though we were the much better side in the second half, we have to transfer that kind of performance and passion for the full 90 minutes. I also felt we were lucky in the games against Pegasus and Sporting and we have to thank our fitness levels and determination for getting those crucial wins in the end. It has to be said that when we play the Mons Calpe’s and the Britannia’s of this league, we really have to turn it up a notch, especially in the first 20 minutes. I really think, especially in our division, those minutes can win or lose you a game. We saw how Mons Calpe ripped apart Olympique in the first half hour, putting the game to bed early. We can’t allow that to happen to us.”

”What’s the thought for the next game and will there be any squad changes after the 1-1 draw?”

”In the next game the plan is simple. We will try and impose our style of play and aim to take control of the game early. We certainly have the players to do so and I’m sure the lads will be up for it after what was a disappointing result against Cannons. I haven’t decided anything yet with regards to the line-up, I will see how we do in training this coming week and make my decision then. I must say I have been very impressed with the efforts the team is making in training, I just hope this level of commitment continues all the way through the season.”

We thank Pep for his time and wise words!



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