Stuart Crawford – Why I Love Football

Intro – A defender/midfielder who hates heading the ball and making a tackle but still does it for the Boca cause!

My Footballing Heroes – It has to be Steven Gerrard, his dedication and love for his boyhood club is a great example for everyone to follow. He is the epitome of a role model.
(He did hand in a transfer request by the way Crawford, I’ll try not to mention that on this blog!)

Favourite Thing About Match Day – The Boca fans are definitely the best part of match days, they are the 12th man on the pitch for us.

Favourite Piece Of Memorabilia – N/A. Let me fill this one for the lad, even though its not football related, he recently went ALL the way to the cold and mizz of the UK to watch Bruno Mars live, I can bet my life savings that he’s got pictures of Bruno and his ticket pinned up on his bedroom wall! If he hasn’t, I hope this makes a good imaginary story anyways.

Favourite Live Game I’ve Ever Watched – Its hard for me to say this as a Liverpool fan but watching Man Utd vs Newcastle at Old Trafford a couple of years ago has to be my favourite live game I’ve ever been to, the atmosphere and grandeur of Old Trafford was spectacular. (This boy is finally seeing some sense, nice work).

You May Not Know I Used To – I once appeared on TV, I was on the GBC hit game show ‘Brain Box’ together with fellow Boca superstar Stefan Borge and ‘fan of the year’ Vishal Kainth. We beat a bunch of girls in our first match, then lost to another bunch of girls in our second, that marked the end of my illustrious career on the big screen.

If I Didn’t Play Football – I would probably take up coaching or refereeing, anything that’s football related really.

If I Could Change One Thing About Football – I’d want to get rid of players who try to con the match officials in order to gain an advantage (divers), although i think this would be very difficult without the help of technology or retrospective fines/bans.

I love Football Because – its the greatest game ever and I just can’t imagine life without it.Crofooo


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