Borge only dreaming about Boca

A 1-1 draw and a very entertaining game, tell us your thoughts on it?

Well eeeee (in an Arsene Wenger accent)… I thought we were on top in that first half and were playing some good football, but there’s no denying Olympique’s attacking threats were causing us some problems when going forward, Eliy made a fantastic goal line clearance and Phil also made a couple of good saves. When we got that slightly fortuitous goal I thought that confidence boost would be huge and we could go on to take the game by the scruff of the neck but it didn’t seem to play out that way, to be fair to Olympique I think they upped their game significantly when going 1-0 down and we were under the kosh in the last few minutes of the first half. A fantastic free kick on the stroke of half time killed our spirits somewhat and the second half was a lot more of a scruffy affair with fatigue coming into it for both sides. Overall 1-1 was a fair result I reckon and was a result I was pleased to have been involved in.

What would your reaction have been, if your effort that was wrongly flagged for offside, would have gone in?

I would have done a Lomana Lua Lua quadruple backflip (we didn’t know he could do this and ran away in celebration before looking at the linesman with a really disappointed face, like the look your mum gives you when you make a really bad ‘that’s what she said joke’, that kind of look…….and maybe even more disappointed if that’s even possible. (we don’t think so).To be honest I wasn’t sure if I was offside or not, I had my back to goal and the ball came to me so instinctively I went for the shot, because that’s the kind of guy I am, an instinctive shooter. (Thats whats she said? Yes? No?)

After missing out on the pre season games due to your transfer saga, how good is it to be back playing again, even getting 90 mins in one?

Firstly I’d like to refute those claims. My missed matches during pre-season were due to work shifts and my granny’s 90th birthday party and there was never a transfer saga. Secondly it was great to be back in the starting line-up I was obviously slightly apprehensive at first, especially with the depth of our squad this season a chance like this might not come again if i don’t take it. I think competition for places is definitely a healthy thing though and it has pushed me to increase my intensity and regularity of training which can only be a good thing for me, the team and my family alike.

The rumours were rife though, that a big money move to Olympique was on the cards after Lawrence Boca left, was it all media driven lies?

Ye you know the press these days, anything to sell papers and I don’t blame them you know it’s their job and it’s what they’re good at. I’ll be honest and admit Jamie Fortunato did speak to me about the possibility of a transfer in the off season but I was never gonna leave Boca really after 2 great seasons at the club i’ve definitely got a piece of my heart at our home ground Victoria Stadium. Besides Olympique have an extremely good squad and some great attacking players I don’t see where I would be able to fit in that side and as delighted as I would be to spend more time with Arun Aswani, I don’t think the Olympique bench would be the place for me. (We don’t think hes right, he’d be starting for that average team everyday!)

Tell us your aspirations for the season ahead?

I hope to play as many minutes as possible and do my best to help Boca challenge for 2nd division promotion and the 2nd divison cup. Off the field I hope for World Peace and an end to world poverty. (He also revealed to me that he wanted to fulfil his dream of having a pint with me, he managed to do this after the game, just the 2 to go then).


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