Pep hails side despite dropped points.

I caught up with Pep the gaffer himself over a nice plate of Calamares and Chips and questioned him over draw against FC Olympique, sorry for the delay in getting the blog out, my secretary quit over allegations that I molested her, allegations which I categorically deny, so I had to type this out myself! Read on and enjoy! 

A hard fought game with both sides playing well, 1-1 the fair result?

Well it was literally a game of two halves, so I guess you could say the draw was a fair result. Having said that, not particularly happy with the point as we clearly dominated the 1st half and having created a few more chances than we did, I would say we could have easily put the game to bed. Then again, we go in to every match confident of getting the win, so when we don’t it’s always a bit disheartening. That’s the mentality I want to instill in the players.

What did you make of the game? With the first half belonging to us and slightly fading in the 2nd?

We played some very good football in the 1st half, clearly outplaying them. Players are genuinely looking more comfortable and confident on the ball, which no doubt helps our style of play. The high pressure worked very well, forcing them to clear it out and not play at all. All we needed were those clear-cut chances in front of goal, which is something we will be looking at in training. Other than that, I honestly think that was one of our best team performances so far. It is clear to see that heads dropped a bit after they levelled, especially so close to half time with a more than dubious decision from the referee. We looked more tired in the second half after the effort the players put in, in the first 45. They took advantage of that and I confidently say it’s the only reason why they created the chances they did. As long as our fitness levels go up, I’m sure we’ll improve our overall performances.

Despite the friendships, it was a hotly contested game with the managers even embroiled in a verbal match, did you feel anyone went over the top?

It was hotly contested because both teams really wanted the win. Nobody was settling for the point. I remember last season we lacked a bit of passion. This season it seems to be quite the opposite. Everyone is putting their shift and giving it all for the Boca cause, so expect every match from here on to be hotly contested. The verbal match the managers were in was a misunderstanding, nothing more.

What did you make of Bear’s performance and how happy are you with his performances so far this season?

He had another great game, he looks very confident in that holding role but to be honest, I’m sure he can play anywhere and he’ll still have a great game. He gives us another dimension when he plays closer to the midfield. He’s so comfortable on the ball and he’s not afraid to run with it either. He was unlucky not to have finished that great solo run. Although I must say the whole team is performing great so far. I hope we can continue these positive performances, as we’ve got a tough run of games coming up. We’ll be looking to improve on these first 4 games and get back to winning ways.

Still unbeaten after 4, it’s quite clearly the best start in Boca history, how do you think the new signings have adapted?

I think they’re doing really well. They know exactly what is expected of them and it seems as if they’ve all played together for years. A special mention to Sean, who I thought had a very good game against Olympique and with every game that passes, he looks more confident. Paul also had a great game, both attacking and defensively. He just doesn’t stop running! Sam has been great at the back too, very sound defender and loves to get forward to help out the attackers. Just needs that extra practice on his throw-ins. Both Rick and Sols have done exceptionally well in the games they’ve played too.


A look of confidence on the sidelines from the man himself!



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