Long way to go for Pep and his men.

A great win to get back to winning ways, is that the reaction you were after?

Exactly the reaction I was looking for! I take my hat off to every single one of them. We dominated from the first minute until the final whistle. We imposed our tempo and our style of play on the game and it worked. We might not have had the clear cut chances we were looking for but we were always in control and did not panic that it might not come. Everyone was working hard and motivating each other all the time and that is the type of commitment I am trying to instil on the players and it seems to be working so far.

It was a very good performance to match the superb result, do you think we could have scored more than the one goal?

Definitely. It should not have been just a 1-0 in my opinion. I believe we were far superior in all aspects of the game. They did have a few chances on the counter but Philip was aware and did very well when called upon. Again we had difficulties getting those chances in front of goal but they will come. We seem to stumble once we get into the final third but it is not something that worries me or the players. It is something we will be working hard on in training this week to be ready for the game on Saturday. With every game that goes by, we are feeling more confident on the pitch and I am sure the goals will come.

Our newest signing Hamza came on and proved to be the difference maker, just how good do you think he can be for Boca?

I had not seen much of him before he signed as he had only trained once with us so it was a bit of a gamble, as he has not had much time with the players. But everyone spoke very highly of his ability so needing the win I thought it could just push the game our way even more with his pace, especially as the Leo defenders seemed to be tired. He had a few chances in which maybe he should have scored but I am positive that with every game that goes by, he will feel more confident in front of goal and with the players around him. You can tell from his 30 minutes how intelligent he is playing up front with the runs he made, so I am excited to see what he can do with more time on the pitch. Credit must go to Sols for recommending his signing. A decision I am sure the Boca family will be very happy with at the end of the season.

2 of our new signings Rick and Sean put in a great performance with Sean missing out on a Man Of The Match award by a slight margin, the settling in process now complete for our newbies?

All new signings have integrated very well and very quick. It sometimes feels that they have been with us longer than they actually have, then I look at the league table and realise we have only played 6 games. So I am very happy that they have got the confidence in themselves and with their teammates so quick. Rick and Sean have been great every time they have played. Rick especially has surprised me, I thought he might have struggled with the physicality of the game, but he loves to get stuck in and never shies away, not forgetting the ability he has to go past players and see a pass. Sean has also shown his quality. He is more than capable to sit in front of the defence, and join in on the attack too. He is an integral part of the squad and shows it more with every game that goes by. I must say that I was delighted with the whole team performance though, everyone put a shift in and didn’t give up until the final whistle.

You’ve answered your critics in the best way possible (making a shrewd signing and a win). What are your honest aspirations for this season?

My aspirations are the same as the beginning of the season… to go game by game and fight for a win every time. Our feet must stay firmly on the ground and go in to every match knowing that we haven’t won anything until we actually have. It is still very early in the season to say if we have a chance of winning the League, or even promotion. What I will tell the other teams and whoever reads this, is that this is only the beginning for us. We are only 6 games in and the team is hungrier with each game that goes by. We also have the Division 2 Cup and the Rock Cup to look forward to and we will obviously look to do well in those… who knows, maybe some silverware for Boca too? That is what we all dream of and we hope we can repay all the hard work with a trophy… especially for our loyal fans who never let us down.

Looking forward to Saturday and a busy week for Boca, can we expect any team changes? And can we expect another win to make it 2 in 2?

We will see some rotation again… I do try and give everyone some playing time but it is very difficult to keep all the players happy. Everyone wants to get in there and contribute to the cause, which is a good headache to have, so long may it continue. I feel it is important for the players to get rest as the season is very long and we will need everyone fresh when it is the business end of the season. I want our fans to come watch us with the expectation of us winning, always. That’s what we aim for, a win every time. We will try and impose our attacking style of play on the game and get the points we need to go up the table. We know that it will not be easy against an inexperienced, yet full of quality Red Imps, so we will have to give it our all if we do want those three points.

How happy are you to be able to call upon Sols once again after his ban? How was his attitude during his suspension?

I am always happy to be able to call upon any player of the 22, as they are all important to me. So the fact that Sols is back is great news for me and for the squad. He has been carrying a slight ankle injury so we could say the ban came at the right time… if there ever is a right time to be banned. He has been raring to come back since serving the first game of his suspension, so I am sure he will be over the moon to be in contention to be called up. He, like most in the team I would assume, is a player that suffers having to watch from the sidelines, so I am sure that he will want to prove to me this week in training that he not only deserves to be called up, but to start as well. We have a very competitive squad this season and everyone knows they have to work hard in order to get into the team and as long as that continues, we will do well.

We thank Pep for his time once again.



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