See You Soon

”See you soon” was the shout and the statement on everyone’s lips this weekend. With Trevaaaa having a famous ”see you soon” moment on Friday, I’ll leave that for Trevaaaa himself to explain to you (if he wants to) and the Red Imps game being a very spicy and heated game. The above was the cry from the opposing manager and some of their players as they were very keen on a fight sometime soon. We, on the other hand were more interested in celebrating our magnificent 3-1 win in Champs by watching the Boxing/Rugby/F1, whatever was on and munching on some Nachos/Chicken Wings and downing the pints. The game itself was a cracker, Sean opened the scoring with one of the coolest finishes and celebrations ever seen by the Boca faithful, some person decided to equalise for them by chipping Pippo, but the game’s pendulum swung our way yet again when our top scorer Nyall fired in a free-kick from just outside the area, and despite some drama on and off the field, Hamza scored his 2nd in as many games to confirm our win and send the fans into raptures.

The game followed some dull Premier fixtures but the crowd had gathered, wrapped up warm in the cool November temperatures with their pints, peanuts, crisps….cookies and cakes (you’ll hear more on this later, read on!) Phil, Sam, Eliy, Crofo, Nyall, Sean, Bear, Sols, Bosh, Paul, Hamza were the privileged lads who were starting for our side. The game started off and was a scrappy affair, Sols in particular was making his presence known to the opposition but neither side was taking full control. The first chance of the game went to them with some good build up play and a snapshot from their front man, Phil had to make a good save to tip the effort wide. Slowly but surely though, Boca were finding their feet in the pouring rain and started coming into the game, Sam with the help of Bosh was proving hard to handle down the right wing and soon enough we had our first solid attack. Nyall on the left wing was also causing problems and after good work from him, he found Hamza who ran towards goal and was 2 strides from shooting until a superb well-timed last ditch tackle denied him. The fans were off their seats but quickly had to recline back to sipping their beverages.

Hamza was again involved in a threatening attack, he received the ball to feet and lured their centre back out of position and then easily played it in to an unmarked Sean who strolled with a cup of tea to just outside the area. He easily placed the ball into the bottom corner (a finish that his brother, a Boca legend el Colin would be proud of) and made it 1-0. His cool celebration was also noticed as he just stood there to confirm how good he is just before his team-mates got to him. It was easily something to rival this!

There was a good 5 minutes of utter silence as the gaffer’s mrs began to hand out some amazing treats for the Boca faithful. There was some Banana bread, some cookies with white and brown chocolate, all in all, it was pure amazement food. Some of it was still being eaten in Champs to make sure it was being finished. A big thank you goes to her and anyone else who chipped in to make those 🙂 Just goes to show what an amazing club we are, a truly family and friendly club. In all the excitement of that though, those people decided to go up the other end and with Sols missing a clearance, the striker outpaced our defender and chipped Phil. He got a hand to the effort but the strike was just about right and in it went. Mizzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Our response to the goal was almost immediate as our football got better and Nyall bombed forward by cutting in from the left to strike a well hit shot that flew just over. Despite the scoreline, we did look the better team. A certain Mr Codali also expressed his discontent at Red Imps diving and dramatised actions during the game, he boldly suggested ‘you can tell they’ve been brought up watching Spanish football’, a sentiment a lot of us agreed with. The whistle for half time blew and the fans were happy with the performance but the scoreline wasn’t the best for us…..yet.

The players emerged for the 2nd half and the eagle-eyed fans noticed a tactical change in formation. Sean had now been moved up front with Hamza on the right and Mr John O’Shea Bosh was in centre midfield. Sean in his advanced role won a cheap free kick by the centre circle and Boca could thump the ball forward. Up it went and we won yet another free kick, this time in a more dangerous position. Bear and Nyall lined up to take the kick with the wall already looking shaky, Bear ran up and straight over the ball. The wall jumped and was out of place while Nyall followed up and struck an exquisite left footed shot which sizzled through the keepers hands, 2-1! We were ahead yet again!


After the goal, the Boca fans were treated to more joys as 5 subs were seen warming up, so we had actually managed to get a squad of 16, an amazing sight for all. Rick then kitted off and replaced Bosh who had a good solid game and did a great job in the 2 positions he got asked to play. Soon after, Nyall wanted a selfish standing ovation of his own so requested to come off prematurely, and Nali (who had a new chant to greet him onto the pitch) replaced him. Both of these were like for like changes and Boca’s control on the game continued, Hamza with a great run again cut open their defence but sadly the shot was off his weaker foot and it was straight at the keeper.

The major talking point was what followed though, Sean and one their lot were involved in a foul, which then led to headbutts and punches being thrown. Both players got red cards for their actions and this enraged their manager and one of their fans. Threats were made to fans in the stands, players/staff on the bench and to Sean directly, the nature of what was said cannot be revealed as we are in the process of making a complaint to the GFA but this wasnt what is expected of a football manager in this day and age. The bad feeling around the game continued as Nali mistimed a tackle and caught the foot of one of their players, a yellow went to him.

Crofo who was having another blinder of a game in defence played an inch perfect ball to Hamza who didnt break stride and ran it to the corner flag, he mocked 2 defenders with his magical feet and was fouled just as he found a way past them. The resulting free kick came to nothing and our final sub of the game Ati came on to replace Paul who had a very good game on the left. Ati was right into the thick of things as soon as he came on and was soon left with a bleeding cut on his nose after a clash of heads, their player needed treatment too. The bad blood (see what I did there) sustained. Eliy then found himself on the ground in some pain and the forgotten man el Bill ran on with the medical bag, Eliy was ok to continue, then this was cue for the slowest walk off the pitch ever seen by the human race. Bill strutted and grinned as he made his way of the pitch, 2 of their staff were also on the pitch but the ref decided to restart play anyways (clueless).


The 3rd and final goal of the game was another piece of brilliance by Hamza, he got the ball on the left and outpaced 2 defenders and slotted home his 2nd of the season and Boca’s 3rd of the game, that decided the game 3-1 and the celebrations on the pitch marked the beginning of jubilant celebrations in the stands. It was 2 great wins in a week and the fan’s commitment was repaid by the lads on the field. The full-time whistle blew and their gaffer confirmed what none of us could have known or guessed. He once beat Usain Bolt in a 75 metre race, well that is exactly what it looked like as he stormed off from his dugout into the changing rooms and refused to shake hands with anyone! You go buddy, you sure showed us!


Man of the Match sponsored by Twix went to Sols for his combative performance in the middle of the park, Crofo can count himself unlucky at not winning with the same applying to Nyall, Eliy and Hamza who all put in good performances. All in all, it was a great performance from all involved. In a tough week with 2 games within 6 days, the lads have pulled their socks up and delivered 2 massive wins after the Derby disappointment. Our next game is on the 1st December at 16:00 v Mons Calpe who were runaway leaders early on but have been pegged back by us and our records are very similar. We are top on the GFA website with a few scores unconfirmed, we’ll take that and move on to try and win this league!


Only putting this in the match report because……well……I can!



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