Paul ‘B15L’ Coelho – Team-Mates

We caught up with B15L as he enjoyed a round a golf round Almenara, we followed/stalked him round on a golf cart till we finally managed to convince him to answer a few questions. Heres what he thinks about the Boca changing room and his mates:
Best Trainer
Had you asked me last season, there would’ve only been a handful of contenders but luckily this season it’s not the case. So I’d have to say one of the new boys Sam or Paul…I’d go for Sam.
Worst Trainer
Everyone has upped their game in training this season so based on lack of attendance at the beginning of the season I’d have to say Ati.
Biggest Moaner
Most Skilful
I’d have to go for the ’19 year old’ boy wonder. Rick.
The Joker
If by joker you mean ‘joke guy’ then its 100% Trevor (see you soon)
(That see you soon episode is not likely to be forgotten anytime soon, unlucky Trevaaaaa!)
This is a tough one but seeing as I can’t choose myself I’d have to go for….Solls (only cos he’s been sent off already)
(As the editor of this article, I must remind you that this blog went to the publishers before Saturday’s game where obviously, Sean got sent off too)
Biggest Count Sacker
I’d be the obvious choice for this one but as I can’t choose myself….I’ll go for Bear.
Fastest Runner
We definitely need to sort out a race to answer this one once and for all. I think Montero would just about edge it.
Most intelligent
Probably Vosh que tiene un masters coño
Least intelligent
Bear, cos he’s the most baked colic – it takes a special kind of person to book a hotel for the wrong month of the year
Worst dress sense
Paul Montero…do those shirts have to be THAT tight??
Worst taste in music
Definitely the techno king, SiRR Trevor, cos of his lack of variety.
Most Davey
Trevor has rescinded his crown so its a really hard decision as there are several daveys in the team. Based on his most recent performance I’ll go for Vosh.
And whos the longest in the shower? Vosh. His shampooing and conditioning routine would rival anyone.

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