When you’re a big club, you get supporters!

December 1st had come, it was officially nearly Christmas. Some among us these days would say “It feels like Christmas is literally next week”. Feel for these people, as its literally not. Despite the month, the regular rains had not yet arrived, the sun was out and shining, a wonderful day for a match, and what a match. A match so eagerly anticipated in the calender we were graced by the presence of the GBC camera crew in the stands, a first we believe for a Division 2 fixture. Mons Calpe were the opposition, a top of the table clash. Before the game had even kicked off, with fans mingling together in the crowd the banter had begun. As the two teams lined up for the pre match handshakes former Boca player Kuka had already been targeted for much of the banter. Cries of “Boca reeeeejeccccttttt” rang out from the crowd. Boca lined up with a slightly different shape to usual. Phil started in goal with a straight back 4 ahead. Vatvani right, Nali left, Eliy and Crawford centre. Rather than the usual two Cms, Boca seemed to line up with 3. Bear, Sols and Rick. Montero was out wide on the left, with Hamza and Sene beginning narrowly up top. Noticeable absentees were Sean (serving the first game of his ban) and Mr Garcia (who we will come to later). With a GFA delegate in place and not one, but TWO linesman, putting to bed the myth of ‘No linesman Sunday’s’, finally after much anticipation the game kicked off.

Mons Calpe started the better of the two sides, pressing high and early winning a corner early on. Crawford was also forced into some good defending as he shepherded a long ball over the top out of play for a goal kick. Despite struggling to get a foothold in the game and being largely second best from kick off it was still Boca with the first notable opportunity. Rick played a slipped through ball into Sene who cleverly used his body to roll the defender. As he chased down the ball he was just beaten to it by the out rushing keeper who cleared into touch. Boca were caused problems Minor Offence Card Jersey_2172_800x600again with another ball over the top this time causing Eliy to make a last ditch interception as the striker looked in on goal. The striker appealed for a handball which earned him nothing but a booking as the referee waved away his protests.

Boca had the next chance as Sene this time played a slipped ball into the channel for Montero. He quickly shifted the ball onto his right foot as he entered the box and curled his shot over, more promising from Boca. A potential moment of controversy then occurred as the referee inadvertently blocked a Mons Calpe pass out of defence. The ball fell kindly for Rick edge of the area who fired over. Had this shot gone in it would have been interested to see how both teams handled the situation. It was then Mons Calpe’s turn to have trouble with a long ball over the top. Bear over hit his pass but as the keeper came out he lost his bearing as he realised he was outside the box. This lapse in concentration allowed for a poor touch straight towards Boca forward Hamza. Luckily for Mons however Hamza was caught by surprise by the touch and played an equally poor touch back to the keeper who managed to clear before both players collided.

Mons Calpe then headed straight up the other end and had the ball in the Boca net. The small amount of fans in the stands burst into cheer but the joy was short lived. The linesman’s flag had been raised, goal was ruled offside.Denial-Flag-Erection-Jersey_2482_800x600 Right so we shall also say, I had no view of the angle what so ever, but we knew it was the right call. Hamza then picked up a curious booking for himself as nobody in the crowd were exactly too sure what he had done to deserve it. Boca then made a tactical change as Montero moved over to the right with Sene moving left. Just after Eliy had a shot fly over the bar from a wide free-kick Mons Calpe had two good opportunities.The first came when the striker was presented a one on one after nudging Ely off the ball in a 50/50. It was judged a foul by the referee, Boca took it, Mons would feel hard done by. Moments later Phil produced a moment of magic to tip a header over the bar from point blank range, striker was once again offside however so it wouldn’t of counted anyway. The last bit of action in the first half was possibly one of the most outrageous things I have witnessed at the stadium. The ball was played to Rick on the edge of the box from the left, and it acres of space he attempted a first time rabona shot. The shot went wide, however Id say it was well worth a watch when GBC air the highlights Wednesday at 8pm. (Here’s a cheeky video of what Rick hoped would happen, included basically because its set to such an awesome tune – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1HJBJBqeU0)

The second half once again began with Mons Callpe the brighter team. A mix up in the Boca defence saw Kuka break free to find himself all alone in the Boca area. He took his time but thundered the shot onto the bar. The Boca reject showing exactly why we no longer needed him (I do jest, he had quite the decent game in honesty). After a cynical professional foul by Crawford earned him a yellow card Boca made their first sub, Bosh came on to replace Sene. He seemed to take up the false number 9 position, with Hamza left, Montero right. Boca soon after made a double change. Kow replaced Bear, Nyall was on for Nali. Unfortunately the changes failed to make much of an impact as it was soon 1-0 to Mons Calpe. Cross came in from the left, the striker jumped above the defence and powered a header high into the top corner leaving Phil with no chance. Before Boca had cleared their heads it was 2-0 and the game seemed beyond them. A mix up from a Boca throw allowed the Mons Calpe player to break straight through for a one on one. Ball was easily slotted home. The match as a whole in truth was a poor one and struggled to live up to much of the early pre game hype. Mons Calpe were good value for the win however and Boca would need to improve. This weeks Man of the Match could have gone to either CB for keeping Mons Calpe’s strikers quiet throughout the match, but has just been edged by the Capi for being involved in close calls at both ends.

Noticeable absentee time. Personally I feel Sean was a big miss, he quietly keeps Boca ticking over in the midfield linking defence to attack, similar to one Sergio Busquets. To borrow a quote from a Mr Del Bosque, “You watch the match you don’t see Busquets, you watch Busquets you see the whole match”, but what does he know about football really? This brings me on nicely to the Barcelona fan, Mr Trevor Garcia. Missing due to an ‘injury’ and yet able to spend the weekend skiing high up in the mountains. It is approaching a similar time to last year when Mr Garcia earned himself the nickname the BellenD’Or for similar actions. The nickname had gone quiet recently but just as the Ballon D’Or trophy begins to make its way back into the publics thinking Trevor is up to his old tricks again. He has missed Boca’s last two matches, the first to take a weekend trip to the UK, the product of which was a Facebook post many of you would have seen by now. A post frankly worthy of him being rechristened the BellenD’Or by itself. I can now live life happily knowing whatever I’ve done in the past, or will do in the future, nothing will quite reach that level of dickhead. Most concerning is its not the first time, the lad has previous >Treva

Fast forward a week and he fakes an injury to go ski. Its almost like he cant help himself and wants the name back. Well congratulations good Sir, you just might have it, Bellend.

See you soon!
Forza Boca.


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