Stefan Borge – My Year To Remember

This Christmas period (or holiday period as I call it…..kidding, before anyone actually takes offence) we caught up with the scorer of Boca’s first goal in 2013 to reflect on the year just gone. He was initially reluctant to come out in front of the camera, but we managed to convince him to come to Champs after offering him a plate of Mozarella sticks and a Cheese roll. Simple things eh! We asked him a few questions to see how his 2013 has gone, enjoy:

Most Improved Player?

Tough question, I feel the team has improved as a whole in 2013, and this has been achieved through the combination of new signings coming in and doing their bit, but also with veteran players upping their games too. The likes of Bear and Crawford in my opinion, although undoubtedly vital parts of our starting line-up last season anyway, have gone and performed unbelievably well this year and taking their games up a notch I believe. Bear’s performances in centre mid have shown he’s almost too good and too vital to our midfield unit to drop back to defence where he was normally playing last year. Whilst Crawford has benefited from being given a prolonged run in the centre back slot this season and is definitely thriving in the role. Also got to give mention to Neil Robba who’s insanity sessions have seen improvements in his game and has helped him nail down that left back role. His Leighton Baines like left foot gives us a great outlet and he’s got the best penalty conversion rate since Matt Le Tissier. A final mention to Nali too, who I feel has also improved substantially from his first season at the club. Now with more experience under his belt and always does a good job when called upon in either the left back or right back roles. He is quite unfortunate our 4 defenders when fit are almost irreplaceable as he would probably start for most other teams in the country, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of Britannia and Olympique come knocking on our door come the January transfer window.

Best Goal Scored in 2013?

Given the abundance of talent in our side it’s no surprise that the Boca faithful have been treated to a host of stunning strikes in 2013. What makes it even more remarkable is the lack of allocations the GFA have given us on the Victoria Stadium pitch. If we’d been given more than one 2 hour session in the whole of the year we may well have done enough shooting practice to make this an impossible question to answer. Honourable mentions go to Bear’s half way line lob against Sporting, and Seb’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer super sub impression against Hound Dogs in our last game also sticks in my mind (probably because it was our last game)… However the 2 that definitely take the cake are Trevor’s 45 yard thunderbolt against St. Josephs; ok so it was probably more like 25 yards but there’s no video evidence so who cares. We were getting dominated in that game against the Rock Cup holders and to see Trevor latch onto that ball and leave a Premier League keeper with no chance from that range was really something special, it even had the St. Joseph’s players applauding. Although, I think Stefan Cumbo’s wondervolley (is that even a word, I think we’ll make it a word just for you Bosh) against Sporting might well just beat it for pure technique. Anyone who’s played football knows how difficult that skill is to master and the way he struck it waist high with his right foot so perfectly into the top corner of the net was a joy to behold. I think most other players who would have tried that would have either missed the ball completely or hit it high, wide and handsome into row Z. That kind of goal was worthy of a Champions League final and is probably the 2nd best goal I’ve ever witnessed live. Now, mr Bosh never actually revealed which goal was the best he’d every witnessed live, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and have a wild guess that it might just be this beauty from the best player in the world: Am I right Bosh?

Best Game You Played In?

These questions keep getting tougher I’ll give you that (smiles at the interviewer). I smiled back, even gave him a wink…..that got a little weirdly uncomfortable I must say. Well to be honest I can’t remember all of the games towards the end of last season. I enjoyed last season’s 1-0 victory over Lions Pilots where I scored the winning goal, I guess it’s always more special when you score the goal that gives your side the victory. This season there have been a few enjoyable games I’ve played in. I enjoyed our 1-1 draw with Olympique as its always good fun to play against a familiar team but I’ll probably have to go for our 5-0 victory against Brunos. Playing in centre mid in such a comfortable victory is always good fun as you get a lot of the ball and a lot more time than you usually would against other sides, especially after they went down to 10 men, so it was extremely enjoyable being allowed to run with the ball and try and pick out a pass in comparison to other games when we are often rushed by the opposition.

Favourite Memory Of The Year?

The great Albert Einstein once said ‘Memory is deceptive, because it is coloured with today’s events’, and that is true to this question as there are probably some memorable occasions earlier this year that I will fail to recall. The infamous ‘weevs en pelota’ dance of the 2013 summer will go down in Boca folklore, and you’ve also got the Boca President’s successful Champions Challenge completion, inspiring the players with his never say die attitude in the face of adversity (and a huge burger), despite having already eaten a fusion deli earlier in the day. If you put this kind of achievement into a sporting context I would have to liken it to Pete Sampras’s comeback from two sets down in the quarter-finals of the 1996 US Open, eventually prevailing after puking during a 5th set tiebreak. On the football pitch, apart from the moments I’ve already mentioned, Trevor’s 94th minute winner against Pegasus in the first game of the season stands out. It was hugely important to get off to a good start and after going down to 10 men and then seeing Trevor delightfully chip the keeper to secure all 3 points was brilliant. I took a page out of Chico’s book and decided to travel with the away fans to Victoria Stadium and sit with them in the away end for that game, after being left out of the squad and as a tribute to all their support last season. It was truly great to see the looks on their faces when we got that last minute winner, you could really see how much it means to them. It inspired me to train harder and work harder just for them as at the end of the day they pay our wages, and spend their good money on travelling to see us week in and week out. This club would be nothing without the fans and I for one will be encouraging the proposal of a ‘Boca Fans Day’ at some stage in 2014, whereby fans can come down after the match and take pictures with the squad and get their t shirts signed by their favourite players. I am genuinely excited at the prospect of that happening.

Your Personal Aspirations for 2014?

By this time next year I want to be scoring the goal that takes Boca into the knockout stages of the Europa League, after finishing 2nd in a group consisting of Methalist Kharkiv, Rubin Kazan and Trabzponspor. I also aspire to get a kind draw in the last 32 of the competition, hopefully avoiding Premier League and La Liga sides… maybe the likes of Lille could be a good draw for us, with a cheeky 1-1 draw in France taking them back to our place and doing them 3-0 is quite feasible I reckon. Yeah, most definitely. Then the last 16 may get harder but hopefully we can just about secure a quarter final place. Now here is where it may get tougher and I expect to play a side who finished 3rd in their Champions League group and are going for this competition big time, maybe a Napoli or even AC Milan kind of team. In either instance I feel we’d get the 0-0 draw at home and perhaps then succumb to a 1-0 or 2-1 defeat in Italy and our dream would be over. But hey we got to the quarter-finals right and that’s something to be proud of I feel at this stage in Boca’s history. We may even get invited to the Amsterdam pre season tournament on the back of this good showing in Europe and then build on that for 2015, who knows really.


We thanks Stefan Borge for his time and also thank him for eating every little bit of food on the table. Hope you enjoyed the cheesy delights.



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