Why I Love Football – Oliver ‘Sols’ Quick

Soooo, one of the most anticipated blogs this season is finally here, we caught up with el Sols about 2 months ago, he has only finished answering his questions this week, its a great read, enjoy!


My Footballing Heroes

Being a massive football fan I’ve got tons of players which I would class as “heroes” but to save boring yourself and all the “Boquerones” reading this magnificent blog (#brownose) Thanks Sols 🙂  I’ll just mention my top ones. My favourite player of all time has got to be Stevie G (Steven Gerrard for those a bit clueless) due to all the fond memories he has provided me with, and whenever I imagine one of his screamers in my head it automatically puts a smile on my face or a nice crunching tackle makes me chuckle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veKx_gJavuw Then there is none other but the almighty Zizu (ZIdane) who, in my opinion is one of the most calm, silky and classy players ever to grace a football pitch. His famous volley in the Champions League was out of this world and the way he ended his career in the world cup final against Italy is another one of my favourite memories of football. The Chuck Norris like headbutt and possibly the coolest penalty chip of all time in arguably the most intense/high pressure game of football there, makes him a true hero. Then there is Ronaldinho who to date is the most entertaining player I have ever watched, shame we didn’t see the best of him for a longer period of time. Obviously Lionel Messi has to get a mention for obvious reasons, hopefully he can help Argentina win the World Cup this summer and put all the doubters in place that say he isn’t the world’s best ever player. Because he isn’t, VIVA RONALDO!! I’m going to have to end this question here if not we’ll be here all day and Champs is going to run out of “red stag nd coke m’landlordddddd”.

Favourite Thing About Match Day

Apart from the fact of playing a game of footy it’s gotta be getting together with the lads because I think its safe to say we have a great team atmosphere comprised of mates and anyone brought into the team instantly becomes one of the lads. The match day butterflies are also the best thing ever. The atmosphere after a win is always immense and the pint, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks in Champs afterwards is even better, only kidding gaffer……. (#brownose)….. NATTTTT they’re wenizzzzzzzzz lol

Favourite Piece Of Memorabilia

Ermmmm bit of a toughy this one, to be honest I haven’t really got any footy memorabilia only shirts, matchday programmes etc, nothing special. My favourite non-footy memorabilia has gotta be my gafes and beads from Ibiza and my drinks cup from creamfields lol. Although saying that my favorite piece of memorabilia is a mental image of Borginho outside Amnesia in Ibiza with a sonic the hedgehog tshirt on, a burn hole the size of the hole in United’s defence in his favourite 3 quarters, Orlando magic baseball cap and two gold medals which the lads awarded him with for his outstanding performance on the trip.

Favourite Live Game I’ve Ever Watched

Even though it didn’t end up with us going through to the quarter finals of the Europa League (yessss laugh it out the europa league lol), my favourite match has got to be Liverpool vs Zenit St Petersburg. We had lost 2-0 over in Russia and obviously needed to turn it round in order to go through to the next round, we nearly did but a howler of a back pass from Cara left Hulk through on goal and sent us crashing out of the cup, the game ended 3-1, Zenit going through on away goals. I have to mention seeing Luis Suarez score two insane freekicks in the same game was out of this world and an incredible experience. Watching it alongside Boca’s very own Kun Aguero (Hamza) was also immense! Football is always better when watching it with the lads!

If I Didn’t Play Football

I’d probably be either in Champs more often or lying in my bed playing ultimate team like I do most of the time anyways

If I Could Change One Thing About Football

Introducing video replay decisions on offside, penalty and goal line decisions would definitely be something I would like to change in football.

I Love Football Because…

It means time with the lads, a good old laugh down at Champs, pints and pap and most of all one of the best feelings ever when your team smashes someone.

You May Not Know I Used To

Be in the sea scouts and attempted to learn how to play the bagpipes as you can probably guess that didn’t go very well…….. lol

We thank Sols for his time and effort!



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