IMP-ortant win for Boca as push for promotion continues.

”Mo has a shot which the keeper parries, Sam beats the keeper to the ball and his shot is blocked on the line but Hamza finally taps it in!!!!’

The cluelessness of the fans matched Kammie’s here as we weren’t quite sure what was going on as Boca celebrated their goal which eventually gave us a scrappy 1-0 win to regain some pride after our harrowing semi-final loss to the Imps. We didn’t care though, the goal was given, we won and the Champs montaditos got demolished in quick time after the game!

The sun greeted the fans and players at kick-off, some of the fans nursed sore heads after a Friday piss up and all day Saturday piss up too. The words ‘2 week break’ and ‘detox ‘ were being brandished about more often than a plate salmorejo on a Tasca Friday night. It was time for the football to take center stage, Phil, Sam, Eliy, Crofo, Nali, Bear, Sols, Rick, Borge, Mo, Hamza were the men chosen to get some revenge for our Cup exit. The match was only seconds old and the Imps were straight on a mission to deny us our revenge with a quick-fire shot over the bar. The Imps started the game brightly as they swung a free-kick into the box shortly after and an unmarked striker had a shot saved by Pippo, the offside flag was up anyways but that was another scare for the lads. Hamza then had a chance of his own, he tackled their last man and ran down on goal, as he neared the target, he chose to cut back a pass instead of shooting which got intercepted and the chance went begging. It was hotly contested opening burst to the match which didn’t see either team take full control.

The controversial talking of the game was our goal. Mo beautifully skinned a defender and had a good strike on goal which their keeper saved but parried out to an incoming Sam who beat him to the loose ball, and had a shot of his own which was blocked on the line, the ball slowly trickled away from goal before Hamza smashed it into the net. As Boca celebrated, the referee spotted the linesman’s flag up for a infringement and after a brief chat, the man in the middle overruled the man running the line and awarded Boca the goal. The fans were certain the linesman had his flag up for a foul by Boca, but later, the news had filtered round that the he was flagging for a hand ball by an Imps defender on the goal-line. That would have meant a red card and a penalty but the goal stood and we were in the lead with one of the scrappiest goals of the campaign. Boca seemed determined to to gift a goal back to the Imps after a slip from Bear allowed a striker to run one on one with Phil, luckily he shot across the goal but wide of the post with Phil beaten. A big big let off just seconds before the half time whistle blew.

Xemi was kitted off and ready to come on as the teams reappeared for the 2nd half, he replaced Sols in the middle of the park and started the game getting stuck into a fair few challenges. Boca looked to double their lead early in the half with Rick who had a cracking shot from outside the area, the goal would easily have been one of the greatest ever seen by the Boca faithful but the ref had blown his whistle for a foul. The first yellow of the game was given to an Imp who flattened Nali as he tried to control a pass played to him by Crofo. His nonchalant style and smile as he got back up just showed how much he was enjoying the battle. Crofo followed the Imp into the book after conceding a foul in the left back area of the pitch but the resulting free kick came to nothing.

The Imps were chasing the game and were piling on the pressure as the game drew to a close, Sam was forced off with an injury and Mont was brought on to try and gain some control of the game back. Rick was enjoying another good game and had another effort on goal from long range, the keeper was upto it and made the save. He then found himself in the book as 2 quick fouls in quick succession were punished by the referee. As the clock ticked into added time, Boca were on the ropes and the fans were desperate for the whistle which came after another minute of biting our nails and was the cue for subdued cheers but cheers nonetheless. It was’t pretty but we had our revenge and strengthened our position in the table to try and push for a possible promotion spot.

Boca had got the win we were after and MOTM this week sponsored by the ”SL*T” comment we saw in Bruno’s that fateful Friday night went to Bear who literally made an impact on anyone that came close to him. He was making his presence felt and was as solid as ever throughout the game. Well done to him and the lads and we look forward to our next game.


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