Late roar from Lions denies Boca win.

A nicely chipped ball through and a lobbed finish was the only incident to cheer at the game which wasn’t the most entertaining but did provide 2 good goals and a tightly contested match. There were a few glimpses of great quality in the game but it was mostly a scrappy affair where both sets of players knew this game was almost a dead rubber and not a lot hinged on it. Fear not though people, there’s no such thing as a dead rubber here at BocaHQ, we won’t give you a nice comprehensive run-down of the game because lets face it, it wasn’t the best and I was quite busy having a cigarette, but we’ll it a whackedy good go!

The game was scheduled as the late kick off of the day with Olympique and Leo playing before us and at around 8:04, the 22 players and officials made their onto the pitch. The stands even featured a decent amount of Boca-rones who were winding down their day with a cheeky Boca game. Our starting eleven was Phil, Vatvani, Eily, Bear, Crawford, Nali, Sols, Sean, Xemi, Montero, and Seb in a 5-3-2 very similar to our last game. The game started off very quietly, Bear even got bored and wanted a sweet liquidy treat (or his sugar level was low) mid-way through the half and asked the fans to sort him out with a Coke or Lucozade. The highlight of the half was the gaffer being soaked by a Lucozade that was thrown from the stands after he failed to catch the bottle. The game meandered along with Boca struggling to string passes together and Lions – despite not creating any clear-cut chances – were playing the better football. 

As a lot of the fans were losing hope of any entertainment coming soon, our fears were allayed as Sols played a wonderous chipped ball over the top which Seb ran onto, as the striker was being closed down, he deftly chipped the keeper and the ball made its way into the back of the net. Seb had a celebration to match the quality of the goal and was also almost flattened by a jumping Sols who was justifiably delighted with his own contribution to the goal that gave Boca the lead, against the run of play, at the break.

Okay so maybe Sols’ pass wasn’t from the right and Seb’s finish wasn’t like that, but how can I not post a video of Becks when I’m talking about people crossing and scoring.

Boca started the 2nd half very brightly with Paul bombing down the right straight from the off, and beating a couple of defenders before laying the ball off to Sean who saw his shot blocked for a corner. Boca had improved on their first half performance but neither team was the stand-out better team, Boca had to be careful of that as one attack could easily see them lose their lead. Lions were beginning to lose their discipline and soon had 2 players in the book, one for a foul and Nali and another for what looked to be a painful challenge on Seb. Both of our lads recovered to play on as no lasting damage was done from the challenges. Boca were living dangerously and Lions almost made them pay with one of their players strolling towards the edge of the box, he went on unchallenged and smashed a shot that flew just over the bar, another reminder to the lads to not lose concentration. At the other end, Mont was having a good game himself and he was linking up well with Seb, a poor touch and some good positional defending denied the lads 2 big opportunities at goal, which would eventually come back to haunt us. Sols was even heard saying ”c’mon lads, lets not let this f***ing slip” – nice one lad!

Lions finally got the goal they craved as another unchallenged run towards the box resulted in a shot which whizzed past Pippo and rippled the net. It was a very save-able shot but it was in and Boca were pegged back! The gaffer decided to bring Karlos off for Mont who had a very solid game and he also decided to bring on the self-confessed ‘game-changer’ in Bill to try and knick the game late on. 5 minutes after the subs were made and with no major incidents occurring, the ref had decided he had seen enough and blew the full-time whistle to bring our 2013/2014 campaign at ‘home’ to end. It wasn’t the best of 1-1 draws witnessed but it was probably the fair result as each team had their separate spells of dominance in an even game.

Man of the Match this week was a tough one, there were a fair few contenders for it and we cant pick, so you guys can decide between: Bear for actually managing to put in a performance and trick us into thinking he cares for Boca as we understand he is on the cusp of his ”dream move” to Brittannia. Sols for putting himself about and enjoying a good game with a cheeky assist thrown in, Seb with a great finish for the goal and some good link up play, Txemi as he was everywhere on the pitch making his presence felt and Paul who used his pace well (for once) and was a constant threat on the wings.

So that’s it, our campaign at ‘home’ comes to an end, it could have been better but also could have been so much worse. We witnessed the lads beating the Magpies 5-0 but also saw horrible losses to Mons Calpe and Brittannia. We hope the lads can improve on their performances in front of the ‘home’ fans to try and push for promotion next season. Our next and final game of the season will be our visit to Leo on Sunday at 16:00. For those w***ers who haven’t made an effort all season unlike us, this could be your last chance to see some of the lads in action, but I guess you’re all off to Tarifa or some nonsense like that, in which case f*** you, get away from our club and never come back!



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