Devastated Podesta confirms our fears.

As the news of Paul Podesta’s injury has filtered through to all the different methods of Social Media this week, we at BocaHQ caught up with the main man to ask how he was doing, and how soon we could see him gracing the hallowed turf of Victoria Stadium again.

When you did it, did you instantly feel it could be bad or did the length of time sidelined surprise you?

It happened in the draw against Angels, I was twisting and heard a pop in my knee. I tried walking it off but was still really painful for the rest of the game, but I didn’t realise how serious it would actually turn out to be at the time.

Whats the prognosis on the injury?

Well, 3 weeks after the game, my knee locked up again and kept giving way, the doctor had to send me for an MRI which showed that I have a complete tear in the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. I have to see and consult with the specialist on 4th November about a possible operation. 

Do you have an expected return date/time-frame?

Once the operation is done, it could be between 6 – 9 months before I can kick a ball.

We heard of rumours of a goal match bet with a rival player, has the bet now been called off by mutual agreement?

I haven’t spoken to this rival as yet but I would gladly pay him if he wants. Under one condition though, that next year it’s double the wager just so I can win back my money. 😉 

It was tough start to the season for the lads, do you feel the lads will be able to cope and gain positive results without you?

Of course the lads can cope without me, they showed it against Leo. The only thing is that Hamza needs to start putting his chances away. 😉 

Will it be easy for you to watch the boys in action while you’re on the sidelines? And will you be attending games as a fan?

Football is my passion and it’s hard to think that I won’t kick a ball for the next 6-9 months, so as you can imagine it will be hard for me to watch live games, but rest assured I will always back Boca for the win and be supporting them every time.

We all at BocaHQ, as well as the fans and his team-mates would like to wish Paul a speedy recovery and we hope we can see him wearing the famous FC Boca Juniors Gibraltar #14 shirt very soon.



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