A bout of Amnesia

Why Hello there, we’re back, and so soon, you’re very welcome.

This weeks fixture saw us take on Mons Calpe, unfortunately however for those of you looking forward to a nice long read, we’ve had a few technical issues. Firstly, lets break down the starting 11. It read as follows, Vatvani (Gk), Xemi (Rb), Ilias, Crawford (Cbs), Nyall (Lb), Sean, Norman (Cms), Yitzi (Rw), Rick (Atm), Bitton (Lw), Hamza (CF). Those eagle-eyed among you will notice a few surprises in that 11, most notably in goal. Pippo was unfortunately unavailable due to an illness (unconfirmed reports he had issues with his teeth after a botched dental visit. Further unconfirmed reports also state however that this did not prevent him eating cake on the day of the match) You guys know us though, we wouldn’t want to drop anyone in it or spread rumours. (Man the fuck up Pippo 🙂 )mean girls

Our usual second keeper and skipper Eily was also unavailable due to his commitments with the Gibraltar U19 squad in Ireland. So that’s how we ended up with Vatvani in goal, quite simply, because he stepped up and volunteered, which he must be commended for. Other noticeable absentees were Sene who was also missing through injury, along with the trio of suspensions Bear, Cheese and Seb. Boca had a depleted squad which could be easily seen as you glanced at the bench to see only 3 substitutes available. With Skip away and Sene the usual stand in also missing, the armband for the day was passed onto Mr Robba. Nyall later admitted on Twitter he very much enjoyed leading the team out. What better way to mark this occasion then than with another throwback picture to Nyall back in the day. (Sorry again :D, and an added sorry to our injured Podi) Neil

As for the game itself, this is where the technical issues begin. The first goal came rather predictably as a long shot/cross floated over Vatvani, who was unable to do anything but parry into the top of the net. This however was as bad as it would get (for him personally) as he largely performed very well considering the circumstances. Half time came along and Boca trailed by one. As for the second half? Well…we seem to have blacked out and completely missed the rest. We do apologise, we hope it won’t become a recurring problem. As a little apology and since he didn’t embarrass himself as much as expected in the game itself, here’s a little picture of stand in keeper wearing what he termed himself as “An awesome hat”. We’re not so convinced, you guys decide.

VatvaniForza Boca!


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