A Boca Surprise

Boca suffered their second defeat on the bounce last Saturday with a 4-2 defeat to College. After Boca’s defeat to Brittania a number of the players refused to read the match report finding defeat to hard to take, so this week, I will save them the pain. It pains me to say there will be no extended match report! I shall keep the report brief, it was in truth a match that could have gone either way. It so easily could have finished 5-4 to Boca had the finishing been sharper, but by the same margin Boca have Robert Grech to thank for keeping the score at 4. He made a number of very good saves that prevented College from scoring 6 or 7 and was a very close runner for Man of the Match. That honor however goes to Weevs. Scorer of Boca’s two goals, the second of which was a lovely strike from distance he proved a worthy winner. Playing in a more advanced role in the absence of both Peace and Bellend he took to the position like a duck to water.

Many of you at this point will be feeling aggrieved at the thought of not receiving a full match report just because of a whiny few. I do however have a surprise up my sleeve, a surprise I hope will win you all round. After much time and deliberation, and after a number of you requested it (by a number I mean Robin Sheppard-Capurro, and simple, what Bear wants, Bear gets!), I now proudly give to you, Boca Fantasy Football!

You heard correct, we have been hard at work to find a way of making this suggestion a reality, and I think we cracked it! So here’s how it will work. Teams will consist of 5 players, one of which must be a keeper. The other four can be made up of any combination you see fit. The total value of your team must not exceed 33m! Transfers will NOT be permitted throughout the season. Once you submit a team, its a team for life, so think carefully! A Captain may be picked and he will score double points, however once again this pick will not be allowed to change, so choose wisely. Points scoring will be identical to that of FPL and is shown below. Bonus points will be decided by a crowd vote at the full time whistle. In the case where the crowd fails to agree the final decision will be taken by me and me alone, I hold the power! Same will apply to any other incidences of controversy so if you feel you have any disagreements please email these to “notgonnamakeasinglebitofdifference@hotmail.com”  and I will take literally 0 seconds in dismissing them and making my own decision anyway! :D.

Action Points
For playing up to 60 minutes 1
For playing 60 minutes or more 2
For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender 6
For each goal scored by a midfielder 5
For each goal scored by a forward 4
For each goal assist 3
For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender 4
For a clean sheet by a midfielder 1
For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper 1
For each penalty save 5
For each penalty miss -2
Bonus points for the best players in a match 1-3
For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender -1
For each yellow card -1
For each red card -3
For each own goal -2

Player values:

GK Value (£ m)
Borg 6
Rob 4.5
DEF Value (£ m)
Eliy 6.5
Neil 6.5
Bear 6
Colin 6
Crawford 5.5
Nali 5
Jeremy 4.5
MID Value (£ m)
Weevs 9
Cumbo 9
Karl B 7.5
Sene 7
Kow 6.5
Kuka 6
Bosh 6
Willy 5
STR Value (£ m)
Peace 8.5
Seb 8.5
Trev 7
Biil 5

A special thank you at this time must be given to Mr John Gill! It is his hard working in evaluation the players that has led to the above values to make this possible. It also means if you are unhappy with your value, then he is to blame! For those interested I will be asking for a £10 fee. If it seems steep at first bare with me. Half the fee, £5 for our slower readers will be placed into a prize pool for the eventual lucky winner of this glorious competition. The second half, yes you guessed it, £5 will be donated to Kunal Budhrani to be given to the Francis House Children’s Hospice Charity that he is currently collecting for. This idea once again the brainchild of one John Gill. Those interested please get your teams sent in to me via Facebook before this weekend’s kick off. Can the money also be promptly paid as Mr Budhrani will be off on his Charity adventure very soon.

I hope this announcement will make up for the lack of a match report, lets have some fun and raise some money! Good luck all!

Forza Boca!


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